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Headmaster's Blog 15 May

If we take as read pupils' individual academic achievements when they leave school, what else do parents want from school for their children?

Happiness?  Confidence?  Self-worth?  Comfort?  Reassurance?  Care?  Attention?  Resilience?  An ability to take responsibility?  Integrity?

As a staff team, we spent some time earlier in the year analysing the Olympic Values and how they can be as relevant to us as much as the pupils.  Grouping them under the three headings Show, Grow, Connect, has helped us to consider our own underlying values, beliefs and behaviours.  Of course, like children, we don't always get it right, but this is what we will continue to strive towards.  More recently, I have asked my colleagues to consider our Vision - our Mission Statement - our goals.  We know what we do and what is important to us, but can that be articulated in a couple of sentences?  Whilst, collectively, we came up with some fascinating phrases, ultimately we have decided to pass this on to our pupils to come up with "the essence of Beech Hall".

In spite of all the discussion, agonising and rhetoric - and whatsoever transpires for our agreed Vision - it was demonstrated in bucket loads this weekend at Saturday's Wild Wild West Summer Fair.

In excess of eighty families joined us for the afternoon, taking part in swimming, donkey rides, Bucking Bronco, archery, balloon modelling - or simply enjoying a burger and glass of wine on a delightful May afternoon.  And every single one of the children and young people present not only behaved immaculately - they conducted themselves with outstanding prowess, confidence, mutual support and enthusiasm. Little ones' faces lit up with each new experience, junior girls and boys enjoyed everything that was on offer with energy and life.  Older pupils not only enjoyed all that was on offer, they worked.  Not because they were being paid, or because there was anything at stake - but simply because they understood what this was.  A community event that relied on everyone doing their bit - and they did.  And the result?  A fantastically relaxed, smooth and wonderfully enjoyable afternoon.  Members of the BHPA emailed me yesterday to say:

"Please could you pass on our thanks to the Seniors and the GAP students who helped out yesterday. Nothing was too much trouble and whatever task they were given to do, they did with a smile on their face and willingly. No "Kevin" moments! 😊 They should be exceptionally proud of themselves as they are great ambassadors for the School, when it comes to parents of younger children seeing what well-rounded individuals the School produces, and a credit to their own parents."

No more so than on Saturday have I been immensely proud of our school, my colleagues and our pupils - everything that we strive to achieve bundled into one cowboy-themed afternoon.  And so to every one of our pupils - thank you for being brilliantly 'you'.

Mr J D Allen