Ghana 2017

Beech Hall School pupils and staff have recently returned from an unforgettable twelve-day experience in Ghana. 

The party of sixteen, including fourteen pupils aged 15-17 and two staff members, spent much valued time working in two local schools. Whilst helping with construction work and providing teaching support in the classrooms, Beech Hall pupils benefitted greatly from the remarkable venture and principles shared. #

During the rewarding trip, determined pupils tirelessly mixed sand, cement and water to mould bricks for one of the schools in Ghana. Succeeding to make over 300 in five days, the Tytherington-based school has helped to create materials to build another classroom. 

The Beech Hall cohort went well equipped with a variety of gifts for the two schools in which they worked. Contributions included sports equipment and clothing, exercise books and teaching materials, fifty Fidget Spinners and children’s clothing. 

Pupils and staff were accommodated throughout the trip by The Young Shall Grow International Foundation, which focuses on the provision of opportunity for children through education. Towards the end of the journey, the foundation presented the individuals with personalised scarves to show gratitude for their efforts. 

The help and support from Beech Hall School was greatly welcomed, with one teacher commenting: “I am Arnold, one of the teachers you came to at Dornorgbor School in Ghana. On behalf of my colleagues, we appreciated your great work done. May God bless you.” 

Headmaster James Allen commented: “The trip was a hugely memorable experience for all involved and I am very proud of our pupils. The Young Shall Grow International Foundation was incredibly welcoming and it was an honour to be able to support them and the schools. 

“Although the work we provided was enormously useful to the schools and the foundation, we gained as much from the project and experience as they did, if not more. The benefits of this kind of trip for our pupils are immeasurable, and the support from African Adventures superb.” 

Pupils were given the opportunity to explore more of Ghana with a weekend excursion to the Cape Coast to discover the Kakum National Park and Cape Coast Castle, the largest place to accommodate slaves in the 19th century, holding 1,500 at its peak.